The apartment is minimally designed with a deep veneered vestibule to open up into a soothingly vibrant living area with verve-yellow homey sofas and a floral stuffed winged couch complemented by an ottoman. These electrifying colors and the lucid wooden floor get accentuated by the white plastered brick wall that meets a deep veneer wall. Doubly placed wooden frames with a play of solids take shape to become a tea-poi, surfaced in white glass. These quirky use of materials and colors portray a raw, and yet modern look.


The uniqueness of the apartment lies in the technique of concealing the peripherals and exposing the salient. The television is suspended to look like a picture frame with a missing TV console, also concealing the service units such as the set-up box and other corresponding peripherals.


The dining space has a yellow couch, recessed into the wall, with a projected yellow buttoned back to manifest a completely different dining experience. Here again, the crockery and the storage units are veiled behind the mirrored surface. The use of mirrors perceptually accentuates the dimensional character of the space. Guiding aluminum profile lights line up with the service vents on a low-height ceiling, complemented by a grayish furniture unit (again, concealing the shoe storage), come together to deploy a cozy warm space.


The teensy kitchen space has modest overhead storages and traditionally-tiled surfaces at the eye-level. Though scaled-down, it is perfectly designed to multi-task and accommodate all the necessities to host a gonzo party. Also, the microwave is abated over a cantilevered battened shelf, leaving more of a working area. The open wooden shelf and traditional tiling come together to give it a contemporary, easy-to-maintain look.


The master bedroom takes a present-day minimalistic approach with vital hues and design techniques. A paneled grey furniture unit frames a penny-plain veneered bed with a playful multi-colored wallpaper accentuating the resting area in here. To enlarge the perceptional character, a mirrored-surface frames the wall to feature a feather-light look. The plain white cupboards are flushed with the wall to attain a clean sleek appearance.


Surprisingly, the seeming grey paneling on the wall actually accommodates a TV along with an openable study table. All these features combine to deliver a well-lit, neat and yet aptly functional space.


The parent bedroom is warmly enriched- forging a decent cozy domain for the user to carry out their daily regime. This well-lit room is made more reflective with the use of glossy whites for the cupboard. The wall behind the bed is finished in a sober leather that breach to accommodate a large mirror. The room gets its dash of fusion from the overhanging warm-white geometric lights acting as an epitome for the design.

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