KAYZ Studio

KAYZ Studio is a multi-faceted design practice, based out of Mumbai, spearheaded by Khushnuma Patel – principal Interior Designer, with the assistance of Ar. Kartik Patel (Big B). The Firm has conceptualized and successfully executed various versatile projects in the field of interior design and architecture.

The primary objective of the firm is to cater to its client’s desires and measures the success of each project basis the client satisfaction and not the value of the project. Our forte is to transform a space and tailor it to fit the client’s needs seamlessly. We strongly believe in experimenting with materials to accentuate unique designed elements as well as explore the poetics of spaces within the parameters set forth by clients.

Khushnuma Patel has completed her education in Interior Designing from Nirmala Niketan College of Home Science, Mumbai. She has been a successful Interior Designer at JDArchitects, 4.4 Design, before venturing into her own startup. She has been practicing Interior Designing for almost a decade and has executed a varied palette of projects. She has undertaken projects ranging from residential , commercial, retail, hospitality to industrial  and seen through it at various stages from  space planning to execution. Her repertoire of creating timeless elegant interior spaces reflects the client’s personality, enlightens her flare towards space planning, exploration of materiality and designing intricate details exclusive to each project and the end user inhabiting these spaces.

She has driven interiors and architectural projects with the encouragement of Ar. Kartik Patel. The brother-sister duo follows similar design, detail, spatial, aesthetic and execution philosophy which make the exterior and interior design of a project blend in homogeneously creating a perfect ying-yang combination.

Ar. Kartik Patel is working as a consultant for over a decade, in an Architectural Firm and has hands-on experience with various architectural and interior projects. He has been instrumental in establishing KAYZ Studio. With this strong combination, KAYZ Studio has been able to competently guide their clients, through precise interior solutions, keeping in line with regulations and structural complexity.


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