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Jatin villa Poised elegantly on a 1-acre expanse in Alibaug, this 8000 sqft villa stands as a testament to thoughtful architectural design. Its layout, intricately planned in an L-shaped configuration around a central pool, orchestrates a seamless harmony between nature and structure. Strategically positioned to embrace the breathtaking vistas of the surrounding mountains and the serene flow of the stream, the villa is a canvas that frames nature’s beauty.

At its core, the villa boasts a striking double-height living space, fostering an expansive atmosphere that exudes sophistication and openness. With 5 bedrooms, a family room, and a dedicated games lounge, the interior spaces are meticulously crafted for both luxury and functionality.

The architectural prowess of this residence extends beyond its interiors. Notably, the roof above the living area exhibits a deliberate design choice—a generous overhang that elegantly shelters the deck while providing shade to the soaring double-height windows. This design element not only accentuates the visual appeal but also enhances energy efficiency and comfort within the living spaces.

A defining architectural feature is the deliberate pursuit of minimalism and an illusion of weightlessness. The first floor seems to float effortlessly above, achieved through the innovative use of inclined circular columns. These columns, strategically placed, impart an aesthetic of weightlessness and modernity, notably accentuated by the master bedroom positioned atop a drop-off porch, seemingly suspended by these graceful inclined columns.

This architectural masterpiece is a testament to the harmonious union of design ingenuity and natural surroundings. The deliberate choices in layout, structural elements, and minimalist aesthetics coalesce to offer an enchanting living experience that seamlessly integrates with the breathtaking vistas that surround it.

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